About Us

About us

Who is Workplace Dynamx?

Workpalce Dynamx is a company duly registered in terms of the Companies Act.  We offer a Unique Service as your Workplace Partner.  Offering you the choice to elect from a Specialist Panel of CCMA Commissioners and other Experts in the industry that are ready to provide you with a Professional and Independent service.  We provide a National Service in all nine Provinces.  Our area of specialty is in Labour and Employment Discrimination Law.  Providing a comprehensive service ranging from training, awareness raising, to resolution of conflict and disputes, with the focus on relationships within the Workplace.

Director:    Ronel de Wet


Director:  Ronel de Wet

Ronel is a Part-time Senior Commissioner and accredited trainer and facilitator of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).  She has some 23 years’ experience in this industry.

Ronel is on the panel of arbitrators and mediators of the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC), Motor Industries Bargaining Council (MIBCO), National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Logistics Industry, Bargaining Council for the Tearoom, Restaurant and Catering Trade, and the Safety and Security Sectorial Bargaining Council and Local Government Bargaining Council.

She is a mentor and trainer for CCMA and other Bargaining Council Commissioners.  In addition she is involved in the quality control of awards and rulings of the CCMA and various Councils.

She has conducted various investigations, hearings, and provided advice to various companies.  She has facilitated and mediated various industry and other disputes on matters of mutual interest, and other substantial issues.  She has vast experience in development and facilitation of training and is also involved in the advance program in Labour Law / Relations at University level.

Ronel is also a SETA accredited Trainer and developer


Our vision is to support organisations worldwide by empowering, developing, educating, creating, sharing, building and defining employment relations within the workplace.

We achieve this by:

  • developing and or presenting training on any workplace related matter, that is practical in nature, meets learner needs and is of the highest quality;
  • facilitating conflict management in the workplace and relationship building;
  • conducting investigations, grievance, disciplinary and appeal hearings as well as any other dispute resolution process, that is in compliance with organizational and legal standards.


Workplace Dynamx is your leading partner in building better workplaces.  We provide an excellent and professional service by using a panel of experts to mediate any conflict or dispute in the workplace.    

Why use Workplace Dynamx?

We provide an International professional service that is of the highest standard and that meets your every workplace need. 

A diverse and proficient panel of specialists are used to provide training, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and or mediation of any workplace conflict or dispute.  Our panel members have a wealth of experience in the industry and continuous praise have been received for the services they have rendered. 

Our Services are: 

  • professional;
  • of a personal nature;
  • have a high success rate;
  • aimed at achieving client satisfaction; and
  • convenient and can be undertaken at your own workplace or an independent venue.

Services can be obtained by either choosing your own panelist or by asking for a specialist and a panelist will then be provided that possesses all the experience, qualifications and skills required.